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  • Wealth Management, under the terms of mandate and / or similar to the applicable legal regime model.
  • Conservative Profile - Secure growth - Personalized Attention

    Moderate to Conservative Profile - Secure growth - Unlimited earning potential - Personalized Attention.

    Aggressive to Moderate Profile, Moderate or Aggressive Profile - Coordinated management with the customer - Unlimited earning potential - Personalized Attention

  •  Active management of portfolios with custody in qualified international banks based in Swiss, Luxembourg, Monaco and the United States.
  • Adapts to a Conservative, Moderate or Aggressive Profile - Customer decisions advised by Latin America Invest - Unlimited earning potential.

  •  Electronic Platforms Operations.
  •  Local Assistance procedures, formalities and procedures related to accounts administration.
  • Operability in admission processes and liquidation of investments in different markets and countries.
  •  Design, construction and operation of legal and accounting structures for:

  • • Heritage Protection.
    • Leveraging investment.
    • Planning equity.
    • Application of liquid funds and fund projects for entrepreneurs, business companies, business groups, institutions and public bodies, in the form of external financial management.