IDVM S.A. is an investment company incorporated under the Bolivian law and dedicated to the Asset Management and the investment and distribution structures. These services are based on the professional experience of the experts who are part of the board of Directors.
The basis of the success is to understand the economic phenomena because it allows controlling systemic control and situational risks and taking advantage of the opportunities offered by trade imbalances. IDVM S.A. has achieved results for their clients above average by privileging SAFETY, TRANSPARENCY, SOLVENCY AND LIQUIDITY of the investment opportunities selected.
The Company has a staff of experts with strong academic background in economics. This team is responsible for identifying, analyzing and measuring economic variables, defining horizons and trends and describing scenarios and investment opportunities. The Directors of IDVM INVERSIONES LATINOAMERICANAS S.A. are well-known consultants who participate in different sectors of the regional economy and society.